Inclusive Design & Wellbeing – an interactive discussion, part of Melbourne Design Week 2020

Inclusive Design & Wellbeing – an Interactive Discussion by Sonya Veronica Iskandar

Late last year, as I was discussing with my supervisor how my PhD resonates with Inclusive Design as the overarching design principle and how ultimately social inclusion can contribute to wellbeing, I question what we, as a society at large, understand on what inclusive design is. There is no shortage of information; reading materials, articles, guidelines and blogs as well as research and activities. So suffice today that it is a widely known principle or concept. However, what is the current understanding of Inclusive Design, how does it vary from different perspectives and how can Inclusive Design affect or relate to wellbeing, particularly for individuals with disabilities within the public built environment design?

When I embarked on my research degree, I was planning to do this quietly in the background with little noise, which I did. But the question lingered on and I thought, what if I do something about this, what if I am the one who put together a discussion between panels and public? But who do I think I am to do that? Even though I perform as a vocalist, putting myself out there without the bandmates and “musical shield” is an entirely different matter. Anxiety disorder, past traumas and bullying are something that I constantly push forward to overcome, this includes social and public engagement. The thought persisted and I said to myself, if I say that I am advocating for Inclusive Culture, then I need to do something about it, instead of just saying it. So, with the support of my supervisors, I am giving this a go.

So, may I humbly present, Inclusive Design and Wellbeing – an interactive discussion, to be held on Wednesday, 18th March 2020 from 6.30 to 8 pm, at Meat Market Meeting Room, part of Melbourne Design Week 2020.

For for information and registration link, please go to the MDW 2020 Inclusive Design & Wellbeing section on my website. I will be posting more updates and profiles of panels as we inch towards the event date.

Thank you ShawContract for sponsoring the event and Swinburne University (especially my supervisors, Dr Nanette Carter, Dr Kirsten Day and Prof Mark Taylor) for supporting this endeavour, as well as to the panels who generously volunteer their time to be part of this event. Thank you for Melbourne Design Week committee for giving this discussion a green light to become part of Melbourne Design Week 2020.

Stay tuned and in the meantime, the journey continues…