A courtesy lockdown note

I realised that this is expected. Nevertheless, a courtesy note from yours truly that our upcoming gig this Saturday at the Clocktower Centre Cafe is not going ahead following the lockdown restriction.
Wishing you a lovely weekend, keep well and stay safe. Take care everyone.


Sonya Veronica Trio LIVE Sat, 29th May, 4.30 pm at The Clocktower Centre Café

Next Saturday, May, 29th at 4.30 pm at the Clocktower Centre Café, we are having a late Autumn afternoon session for our final Recast 2021 performance, which is as part of The Clocktower Centre‘s Music in May, FREE performances in Moonee Valley program.
This time as a Trio, I will be joined by Mark Fitzgibbon who will be playing Clocktower Centre’s newly restored 1898 Bechstein grand piano and Howard Cairns will be on double bass. 

Please click here for more information, no booking required.
Hope to see you then!


This “performing arts recovery project as part of Recast 2021, supported by the Victorian Government through the Working for Victoria program”  is brought by the Moonee Valley City Council supporting the performing arts and the community. 

Thank you again to @cityofmooneevalley for supporting the performing arts community and for having us. Special thank yous to Iain Finlayson and Jessica Bellamy.

A vocalist on stage performing with a double bassist and a pianist on stage. Below the image, information of the performance and the performers' names as presented in the text