Vulnerable (2020 to current – études – series in progress)

The ‘Vulnerable’ art series explores that part of the notion of acceptance of one’s vulnerability is to accept the impermanence and imperfections of life and its day-to-day-ness. The first series of études from this creative development stage, entitled: Mementos, explore and capture the transient quiet pauses often overlooked amidst the day-to-day bustle, presented and viewed compositionally and singularly.

These ètudes shown below are selected works from this creative development stage. Further development and creative process are ongoing and more updates and work is to follow in due course.

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Funding and Acknowledgement

In late 2020, I commenced a journey toward a new artwork series entitled ‘Vulnerable’, beginning with the foundational studies to develop the art series conceptual framework funded by Moonee Valley City Council (MVCC) COVID-19 Art Recovery Grant 2020. Then in 2021, I was fortunate to receive a similar Art Recovery Grant from MVCC to partly fund the initial artwork series creative development stage, which involves further development of the conceptual framework and études.

This project is proudly supported by Moonee Valley City Council Logo in black and white

Selected Études: Mementos

A black and white photographic composition depicting mid morning sun shadows from the nearby windows and their venetian blinds fallen over the different planes of cushions of the sofa sitting perpendicular to the window. .
Vulnerable Art Series by Sonya Veronica Études: Mementos – Composition theme #4- Shadowplay, Composition 4d, Étude 4.7
Low saturated photographic image of two similar trees taken from their underside. The pictures are organised to be placed side by side showing asymmetrical mirror impression.
Études: Mementos – Composition theme #1- Tree, Composition 1d, Étude 1.8 and1.9
Photographic images of curves of lights taken during the nights. There are 2 images composed to be side by side showing the illusion of the curves continuing.
Études: Mementos – Composition theme #3- The Night, Composition 3c, Étude 3.5 and 3.6
Two photographic images of shadow casting onto a materials. The pictures were framed and angled in certain way that it cast questions which one is the shadow and which one is the textures.
Études: Mementos – Composition theme #4- Shadowplay, Composition 4a, Étude 4.1 and 4.2
Photographic images pf shadows casting from nearby windows and blinds. The image is made out two photos but composed as one.
Études: Mementos – Composition theme #4- Shadowplay, Composition 4c, Étude 4.5 and 4.6