I am currently taking a pause from art, design and music to focus on the final stages of my PhD Thesis.

Commissioned work opportunities are welcomed – please be in touch through the contact form. Please kindly note that there will be delays in responding to your email during this time.

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

You can view my current work at Yering Station Art Gallery. They are displayed on rotation under the curation of Dr Ewen Jarvis.

For current work in progress, Vulnerable series please click here and for recent work, Deliverable, please click here.


Dawn (2016) Acrylic on Canvas, 900 x 1200mm – currently at Yering Station Gallery
Untitled 3 (2010) – Acrylic on Canvas – 920 x 920 mm
Untitled 4 (2010) – Acrylic on Canvas – 920 x 920 mm

There are selected recent works. You can view more past works through my facebook-art page

Art| Abstract Impromptu

Abstract, experimental and impromptu, is how I describe my artwork style. Using mainly my fingers and anything but the brushes, the focus of my paintings are the intertwining play of colours, expressing the different intensity of emotions and state of being of the time of the artwork and series creation in a raw and honest manner.

A self-taught artist, 2004 marked the beginning of my artwork journey, commencing with my photogram work. From photogram, my work slowly transitioned into abstract paintings, partly out of curiosity and partly due to the restriction of facilities. The interest continues to develop, and I experimented with different paint application techniques, mainly working with acrylic paint either on canvas or on paper.

I am based in Melbourne and have exhibited mainly in Australia. My current series can be viewed in person at Yering Station Gallery, through the curator, Dr Ewen Jarvis. Commissioned work opportunities are welcomed.

Selected Past Exhibitions

Reverie, 2004 – The Artery Fitzroy, Fitzroy, VIC
Rhapsody Opus One, 2004 -The Artery Fitzroy, Fitzroy, VIC (part of Melbourne Fringe Festival)
Appassionato, 2005 – The Artery Fitzroy, Fitzroy, Vic (part of Melbourne Fringe Festival 2005)
Rouge, 2008 – The Artery, Fitzroy, VIC, Melbourne – Australia
Rouge – Revisited (50% of artwork net sales to go The Bush Fire Relief Fund), 2009 – Guildford Lane Gallery, 20-24 Guildford Lane, Melbourne – AUS
Deliverance-Délivrance, 7th May-4th June 2016 – La Niche Café, 67 Smith Street, Fitzroy, VIC
Deliverance-Délivrance, 28th October-29th November 2016 – Yering Station (First Floor Gallery), curated by Dr, Ewen Jarvis.

Linden Postcard Show, 2004 & 2005, – Linden, St. Kilda Centre for Contemporary Arts, VIC
Project Nine – Evolution, Revolution, Revelation, 2005.The Artery Fitzroy, Fitzroy, VIC
Canterbury Art Exhibition, 2005 & 2006 – VIC
The Artery Fitzroy’s International Exchange, 2006- The Artery Cooperative Davis, California, USA
My Happiness, 2007 – My Happiness, Carclew Youth Arts, North Adelaide – SA
Painting Show 08B, 2008 – Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, VIC – Melbourne- VIC
Group Show, December 2008 – McCulloch Gallery, 8 Rankin Lane, Melbourne – VIC
Bush Fire Relief Group Exhibition, 2009 – McCulloch Gallery, 8 Rankin Lane, Melbourne – VIC
Winter Art Auction, 2009 Charity Art Auction in support of the Gay and Lesbian Switchboard – Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
Camberwell Artshow, 2016 – Swinburne University, Hawthorn, Victoria
Bayside Artshow, 2016 – Sandringham Yacht Club, Sandringham, Victoria