First Concert of 2020 on a 43-degree day

I was expecting a small turn-out and lots of cancellation on bookings on my first concert in 2020; given that it had fallen on Friday, 31st January at Lido Jazz, when the temperature reached 43 degrees (yikes!). With the number of cancelled trains and congestions, it was natural to be overtly realistic on how the night might turn out.
So, it was sincerely heartwarming to see that people still come in to see our Quartet playing a mix of (mostly) french and jazz tunes. The place was full!

Thank you so much for coming down in one of the balmiest night. Thank you for Lido Jazz staff for looking after us and ensuring everybody has nice cool water (and libations!) and making sure the A/C works. It was indeed a great start for 2020.

So, where was I…

2019 has been a colourful year indeed; On website front, finally (!) the website looks a bit more website-y. It will evolve as there are more contents as there will be more updates and news to come from yours truly. In the meantime, thank you for your support, have a Happy New Year, keep safe and till 2020!

Hello world!

Welcome to my new website! Yes, it is a bit bare-bones at the moment, but it will soon be populated with contents of my artwork, design and music. So, stay tune! Hope you are having a great day!